Class Tech Tips: 4 Reasons I’m Excited for Book Creator on Chrome

Class Tech Tips: 4 Reasons I’m Excited for Book Creator on Chrome


You can now use Book Creator in classrooms with a handful of different devices. Anytime I host a professional development session for schools more often than not, the teachers and students I work with have a variety of access. This might include a class set of one type of devices or the ability to borrow a mix of different devices for a class period or over the course of several days. Since Book Creator is now available on iPads and Chromebooks you can use this open-ended creation tool with a combination of devices in your classroom.

If you’ve used Book Creator on iPads in the past you know how easy it is to snap a picture on the spot, import a picture from your Photos or add a screenshot from another app onto your page. Now Book Creator has added a Google Image Search feature so students can search for images using Google’s safe-search option and add pictures to their page. If you’d rather have students gather images from another place you have the option to disable this feature.

Increase Collaboration

Now that Book Creator is available for Chromebooks you take collaboration to the next level. Imagine your students are using Google Docs to draft a step-by-step guide for how to solve a math problem. Students might share their Google Doc with a peer so they can leave feedback on their draft or work within the same document to generate their step-by-step guide. In addition to this type of collaboration students can combine pages they create in Book Creator with other students to make a collaborative book as a whole class.

Elevate Student Voice

One of the reasons Book Creator is a go-to creation tool is because there are so many ways for students to tell the story of their learning. Kids can write in sentences, draw a picture, import a screenshot from another app, record their voice or even add a movie recording to their page. These options help level the playing filed for students who can demonstrate their understanding of a topic, persuade an audience, or tell a story in different ways.

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