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A Cornucopia of Comic-Making Applications

I've collated the responses for free comic-making software here.
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A short while before the summer 2017 break, Nick Jeans, Senior Consultant in Learning Technology at Sero Consulting, enquired in the Association for Learning Technology discussion list whether anyone had any recommendations for free comic-making software. I've collated the responses here. (Nobody in the discussion list has objected to my plan to do so.)

You'll need to check for yourself whether all of them are still working or free, but even if one or two have gone the way of all flesh, there is still a lot to choose from! 

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Review of Comic Strip Creator

It took me next to no time to create the comic strip below (I know, I know: it shows!), so this program “works” in the sense of letting you make a comic even if you don’t have much in the way of drawing skills.