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Planning a Successful Global Collaboration Project #EdtechMissions Chat Archive

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Anthippi Harou (@AnthippiHarou), a primary teacher in Greece, was the guest moderate of today’s#EdtechMissions chat about planning global collaboration projects. Anthippi and her students received recognition for completing their eTwinning global collaboration projects. Anthippi Harou shared tips and resources from these experiences. Anthippi shares her story in this post and also in my book, Hacking Digital Learning Strategies: 10 Ways to Launch EdTech Missions. Find the archive of the chat below with several tips and resources from all who participated.

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Planning Online Collaborative Projects

Tip: Online collaborative projects are great for students. Here are a few tips to give your teachers interested in creating such activities: If teachers are new to online projects, they can begin by participating in an existing project first. A great source of ideas is the Global Schoolhouse's Internet Projects