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20 Resources for Holiday Themed Writing, Doodling and Conversation Prompts

20 Resources for Holiday Themed Writing, Doodling and Conversation Prompts
  • Find several fantastic visual winter and holiday writing prompts on these websites- Write About, PhotoPrompts (December archive and here), and Writing Prompts.
  • MakeBeliefs Comix has several winter and holiday themed comic prompts, such as this one.
  • Story Starters has a list of holiday picture prompts followed by some lines to help students write stories or poems.
  • Boggles World has three creative writing prompts that explore the themes of a Santa rescue, a mystery, and bad labour relations at the North Pole.
  • The AR Christmas Card (iOS/Android) app animates a greeting card before students’ eyes using augmented reality. This will definitely excite students and inspire them to create a story based on the action.
  • Quivervision (iOS/Android) app has an augmented reality Christmas Tree marker students can color and write about.
  • Larry Ferlazzo has several holiday videos listed here, which could be used as discussion or writing prompts.
  • Download a free Tic Tac Toe Christmas and Hanukkah Writing Prompts board here. Students choose 3 of the prompts to complete.
  • Inspire students to doodle with the December Doodle and Lettering Challenge.
  • Buncee (Web/iOS) has a library of winter, holiday, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hanukkah stickers, templates, backgrounds, images, and clip arts for creating prompts.
  • Canva (Web/iOS) also has a library of holiday themed images and backgrounds to create beautiful prompts.
  • Adobe Spark (Web/iOS) has several holiday and winter themed backgrounds and images students can use to create video or visual prompts.
  • Students can create their own augmented reality prompts with Layar, Aurasma, and Blippar.
  • Recite has some holiday themed images for students to easily create a visual prompt.
  • With PicLits, students choose an image then drag and drop words onto the image to create a writing prompt.
  • With Image Chef (Web/iOS/Android) students can create visual poetry, word clouds, memes, and quote pics.

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