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3 Strategies to Get Women In Tech (Shared at #TLTechLive Visit to @PUHSD_PCA)

3 Strategies to Get Women In Tech (Shared at #TLTechLive Visit to @PUHSD_PCA)

Are women less suited for work in technology? That's what some men at these companies believe. However, the women pursuing and working in such positions and the men who work with and for them, know that is not the case. While only one in four women currently hold positions at top tech companies, there are ways to increase the number of women pursuing these careers.

Students at the Phoenix Coding Academy shared some common sense ideas during a visit from leaders at the Tech & Learning Leadership Summit.

1) Go where they are and show them what is available

At the Phoenix Coding Academy they do this by having students go directly into schools and talk to their peers about opportunities. They share first hand what it is like for a female to pursue an exciting career in technology.

2) Show female students that tech careers are reachable for them

At the Phoenix Coding Academy they do this by bringing mentors from these companies to support students as well as bringing students to these companies to do internships. When making these matches it is importance to consider gender and ensure there is equitable representation.

3) Develop a learning network
Even if you're not a Coding Academy student, there's another way educators can help their students learn with, from, and draw inspiration from women in tech. That's by connecting with them online. Students can follow as well as reach out to some of the top women influencers in technology and teachers can help to so safely and responsibly. Finding them is easy. Onalytica just put out this list.

What do you think? Are these ideas you could try to implement where you work? If you have tried some of these strategies what were the results? Is anything missing?

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