Jazz Up Your Powerpoints with Alternatives by Ozge Karaoglu

Whenever we need to create a presentation, the first tool that comes to mind is the Powerpoint. It's preinstalled to your computer. It's easy, safe, you can add pictures, text, audio, you can check the background and the text styles and it allows you embed videos and give hyperlinks and it works almost on any computer. Do you know that you can have more options in the box to blow your audience away with more innovative ways of presenting online. Let's explore the other alternatives to the powerpoint.

Prezi is one of the coolest presentation tools that can be a creative alternative to powerpoint. It gives you a big canvas that you can add your text, pictures and videos on it. You zoom in and on the canvas from one text to other and you can zoom back to the big picture. The animations and the transitions are great and it's sure to blow your audience away. Explore some of the prezis or watch the tutorialshere.

Ahead is a similar site to Prezi. It's a way to create a presentation that transforms your layout into a zooming experience. You can add images, audios, documents, links and videos. You can also embed your presentations. The site itself is also created with Ahead. This experience will be a great impression on your audience.

SlideRocket is another tool to create and share stunning presentations using an integrated interface. You can work on it online also you can use it as a desktop application. You can design your presentation with different animations and transitions. It also allows embedding and you can download it as a PDF file. You can also import your powerpoints to Sliderocket the additional features it offers.

280Slides is another tool to create powerpoints without having to use powerpoint itself. You can add photos and movies to your presentation from web services such as Flickr and Youtube. You can also import your existing ppts and keep them safe on 280Slides. There is an auto save option so you don't lose your work. You can publish your work online, e-mail or embed it to your website.

Prezentit is a site where you can create and share your presentations online. You can also work collaboratively with your colleagues to create the presentations. You can use it online or download and use it offline.

SlideSix lets you upload your powerpoint presentations and you can record audio and video narration at the same time. You can also attach external videos without leaving the site.

JogtheWeb is a site that allows you to create your own guide for websites with your own comments.

If you want to feel more professional and be creative, you are not stuck with powerpoint anymore!! Explore and enjoy new ways of doing presentations.

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