K12onlineconference.org is Everywhere!

K12onlineconference.org is Everywhere!

What are you doing the next couple of weeks? How about joining, for FREE, the k12onlineconference.org . If you haven't participated in the k12onlineconference in the past from 2006, 2007, 2008 and now this year 2009, don't worry, you can pick up with this year and still participate in the sessions from 2006 since everything has been archived and believe it or not, it is all still very timely!
If you are thinking that the timing is wrong, you are remembering correctly, the k12online conference used to be in October. But the conveners thought to shake things up and in a global manner has provided the k12online confernce at a time when some of our closest educators are finishing term and going on vacation and have plenty of time to joining in the conference.

Last week I was lucky enough and caught up with a fireside chat with Keynote Kim Cofino. It was amazing to listen to Kim's keynote and then to have her available to ask questions or get more clarity about her presentation. Now where else can you get that kind of connection from a face to face workshop? The best thing about it, was there were over 120 of us in a chat room asking questions of Kim and each other. That fireside chat and text is available at http://tinyurl.com/yfcwt9w
Take time and head over to k12onlineconference.org and check out the schedule (opens in new tab).
Add k12online to your twitter, your facebook and join the k12online ning.

Hope to see you at the next fireside chat! Oh, did I say this is all FREE? Well it is.


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