A very useful QR code generator for mobile learning

cross-posted at Education with Technology

I use Create QR code as my QR code generator for my classes for several reasons:

I can:

1) Put in a variety of information such as text and links. I can embed an essential question along with links for thinking about the question.

2) Put in many links/urls. I often have five or more links in one QR code so that students have a range of choices or a range of resources (Yes, I’ve shortened the URL). This QR code generator creates a book with many pages while many other QR generators create a book with one page.

3) Select the size of the QR code. Sometimes I have manually resized a QR code and that code could not be read. Students create a “poster” demonstrating their answer to an essential question. This poster can be a regular size sheet of paper with many labeled small QR codes.

Harry Grover Tuttle is a technology integration teacher and a district wide coordinator of technology at Onondaga Community College. He is also the author of several books on formative assessment.