My Favorite Time of the Year

My Favorite Time of the Year

My favorite time of year is the Grand Opening of EVO! EVO is the Electronic Village Online series of 6 week FREE classes. Over the weekend there were over 200 people who attended the webcast opening ceremony.These classes are all taught on a volunteer basis by people who are veterans and also newbies! You can listen to the webcast here at . There were so many people in the chat room, Jeff Lebow, the brain trust for Worldbridges, needed to create 2 chat rooms to handle the participants and interest generated by this ceremony.

You can check out the free online courses here .

My favorite class has to be hands down Becoming a Webhead, which I participated in, so many years ago, back in 2006. Since then I have not looked back, but rather I have a whole world of new friends and new learning. I've moved on and now am part of the group of educators teaching Images4Education. This group of educators spends the 6 weeks sharing photos from around the world, discussing how to make changes in our classrooms with our students and making worldwide connections. With this group, you just never know what project will take off next. I just love being part of this group who never sleeps. We live globally and take care of the course around the clock and around the globe. We pride ourselves with our actions. If someone posts a question, within an hour, a moderator or participant in our group has answered the question. Although the class does not have classroom hours, with the span of the globe, we are able to answer questions and use online presentations so that everyone can participate.

However, the best part has to be the sharing of photos we all use to tell a digital story. It is breath taking to look at the world through the eyes of our peers. Our peers who work, play and celebrate their days to tell the human story.

If you have any interest in learning, sharing and working internationally please check out the Call for Participation 2010. You will find something to interest you from Virtual Language Travel, Smart Teaching with Interactive Whiteboards, Online games for ESL/EFL, EVO Video Classroom, Multiliteracies for Social Networking for Social Collaboration, Internet4YoungLearners, Images4education, Digital Material Preparation, EVO Drama, Becoming a Webhead and Adaptive Technology. I dare say, something for everyone of us. I know I'll be busy the next few weeks, join us!

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photographer Juliana Paniago de Oliveira