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10 Presidents’ Sites for Presidents' Day

Below are 10 presidential sites where users can gather facts, biographies, speeches, photos, audio and video, election results, color pages, interactive games and more.

  1. Photo galleries, full biographies, fun facts, slideshows, podcasts, and much more. “Our Presidents” link located on home page.
  2. Photo gallery, transcripts, documents, oral histories, dates, facts, speeches and much more. (Miller Center based at University of Virginia) U.S. Presidents link on home page.
  3. The American Presidency Project – great site for information on fireside chats, candidates’ remarks, party platforms, Inaugural Addresses, State of Union Speeches, Convention Speeches, and more. The site is an online resource containing thousands of documents on U.S. Presidents.
  4. POTUS – Presidents of the United States – great site complete with facts, photos, election results, audio & video files, biographies, notable events, and more.
  5. Offer videos, speeches, photo galleries, memorable events, presidential facts, and much more.
  6. Contains numerous choices for teachers and students to locate presidential facts and trivia, biographies, word puzzles, timelines, color pages, famous quotes, worksheets and several interactive games.
  7. Students can play an interactive game to identify the correct president. Students can choose to have one to four clues to help them choose the correct answer.
  8. Elementary level – Students play an interactive game to “Name the President.”
  9. Fun quiz: ”Presidents and Their Dogs.”
  10. Great interactive game: ”If You Were President.”

Michelle Vance is the Technology Director of Ontario Local Schools in Mansfield, Ohio.