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South Korea steps back

Too much of a good thing? This Washington Post piece reports on how one of the most tech-savvy education systems is taking a second look at an all digital curriculum. Worries include: About one in 12 students between ages 5 and 9, according to a government survey, is addicted to the Internet, meaning they become anxious or depressed if they go without access. Some experts suggest a similar problem in the United States, where between 8 percent and 12 percent of children show signs of Internet addiction, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.   
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Open Source in South Korea

Author’s Note: This article is about the adoption of open source by the South Korean government in a nation-wide project, not just to bring their national education system into the 21st Century, but also to help create a national computing infrastructure that is not dependent, by licensing or expertise, on


New Leaders: Back to School

My back to school posts have usually been helpful lists, things to do, and pep talks for new teachers, but recently I’ve been thinking that new principals and administrators need similar pep talks.

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My South African Adventure, Part I

Pennsylvania K-6 computer teacher Jennifer Kraft traveled to South Africa as part of the ISTE and People to People Education Technology Delegation for 2011 this past October. In a three-part series, she shares her remarkable journey with Tech & Learning.