Visual Timer Apps

Students in elementary school and special needs classes benefit from knowing “how much longer.” It is especially helpful when students cannot tell time but can see a countdown and hear a bell or a buzzer go off. In a one-iPad classroom, the timer can be posted on the Smart Board for students to see.

Class Timer $.99 – Beautiful interface, easy to use. Set the counter for minutes and seconds or hours and minutes. Change the ending sound to bells, chimes, buzzer and more. Another feature is the bar graph to show students time visually. ClassTimer helps students visualize time and understand it as fundamental concept that needs to be managed in order to be more productive. Good time management leads to success in school and work.

Kiddie Countdown $.99 Nice colorful app, easy to use! Help reduce the frustration in the class when students ask “how much longer?” Set the timer and students can see the timer. Set the early warning for students who have difficulty transitioning. Kiddie Countdown also supports background alarms so even if it isn’t running in the foreground, you will still get the alarms.

Visual Timer HD $2.99 – A fun app for kids. As they watch the time, an animal appears. The timer can be set quickly by controlling a slider and/or plus and minus buttons for adding or subtracting minutes. It also includes a digital representation of the remaining time.

Vicki Windman is a special education teacher at Clarkstown High School South.