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15 Sites for Creating Flashcards

15 Sites for Creating Flashcards

Flashcards are used by students and educators every day and are one of the most popular ways to learn a subject or topic. The internet makes this learning tool even easier through the use of dedicated websites that allow for flashcard creation, collaboration, and more.15 Sites for Creating Flashcards

  1. Braineos - A fun site for students to create flashcards to play educational games on a wide variety of subjects.
  2. CoboCards - A nice site and mobile app for creating and sharing flashcards. Great way to collaborate with others.
  3. Ediscio - A great site for creating flashcards and arranging them into boxes.
  4. Fauxflash - A wonderful site for creating flashcards and searching through educational categories. These flashcards can contain images as well.
  5. Flashcard Flash - An innovative search engine designed for finding publicly-shared flashcards.
  6. FlashCardFriends - A nice site for creating flashcards. FCF is also a social networking site which allows for collaboration as well as the ability to edit existing decks.
  7. Quizlet - A neat little site for creating flashcards that's ideal for studying vocabulary, languages, or more. Also a nice site for playing studying games.
  8. Smash Cards - An innovative site that uses augmented reality for creating flashcards for English and reading.
  9. Social Decks - A nice site for sharing flashcards via a unique URL that allows others to edit.
  10. Study Blue - A great site for creating flashcards from photos, audio, or notes and then sharing with others. SB also offers a wonderful mobile app for studying on the go.
  11. Study Shuffle - One of the best sites for creating flashcards that teachers can use to track students' progress.
  12. Study Stack - A nice all-in-one solution for creating and studying flashcards. Includes lots of educational "stacks" to browse through.
  13. Word Dynamo - An excellent site for creating flashcards. Users can take quizzes, view study guides, play games, and more.
  14. Yappr - A nice online community for creating a flashcard or quiz.
  15. Zendo - A great site for turning notes into flashcards.

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