Science Apps for Middle School and High School

Although the educational app world is still saturated with elementary school apps, I recently found a few science apps that are both interactive and on a higher level of learning. These apps can be used in a one-iPad classroom with a Smart Board.

Cell and Cell Structure $2.99 - Here is a great app for middle and high school biology. The app includes Interactive Activities, a thorough examination of cells and videos. Interactive activities include word search with the ability to use hints. It also includes flashcards, with magnificent photographs of everything from algae to endoplasmic reticulum. Finally a quiz, which uses audio for those students who may be unable to read. The quiz also scores the students work. All about cells gives students information from what is a cell to benefits of multicellular organisms. Presently the app has 4 videos using beautiful photography and clear explanations. The videos range from Mitosis-animal cells to Inside a plant cell. This app is a great way to help students who need to use their visual strength to understand a difficult topic.

Rat Dissection $3.99 Here it is - the ability to dissect a rat right on your iPad. Educators and students will find this very green app a blessing in the classroom. Users can get a feel for dissecting a rat on the iPad without ever inflicting any harm on the animal. The app walks you through a series of steps on how to dissect a rat and features a 3D look at the organs. As users touch the organ, it moves around to give a clear view. The app has also added a wet lab process allowing students to fully understand what the lab process would look like.

Planets FREE- a great app to incorporate into any astronomy program. Sky 2D: locate planets with flat view of sky. Sky 3D: planetarium style view of the sky. Visibility: find out when planet will be visible. Globe: rotating 3D globe of planets and moon.

Star Walk- 5 Stars Astronomy $2.99 Use on iPhone of iPad 2 or 3. Do you like stars? Star Walk is a stellar augmented reality app that labels all the stars, constellations, and satellites you point your iPhone at. You can track the ISS, find out what constellation you’ve been looking at from your bedroom window and get a lot of exciting and educational information.

Chemistry Pro lite FREE- Chem Pro Lite contains 10 basic chemistry video lessons (with over 3 hours of playback time). These lessons are dedicated to helping students solve problems, the most important skill to master in order to excel in a chemistry course. The videos are the perfect companion to have after you step out of the classroom. Problems are solved stepwise at a slow and easy to follow pace.

Vicki Windman is a special education teacher at Clarkstown High School South.