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Summer Reading Resources

Cross posted at I'm going pretty low tech on this post with the exception on how to access all these great summer reading resources you should be aware of. Follow the links below to let your students, parents, colleagues
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I'm going pretty low-tech on this post with the exception on how to access all these great summer reading resources you should be aware of.

Follow the links below to let your students, parents, colleagues (even family members) know of the great reading incentive programs available for children this summer. Some offer free books, money, even just a pat on the back.

Barnes and Noble

This program is designed for students in grades 1 through 6. Read ANY 8 books, write about them in your 2010 B&N Passport to Summer Reading and bring it to a Barnes & Noble bookstore. Children then choose their free book from a list of paperback titles. The program runs May 25 through September 6. Teachers, parents and children can download the Summer Reading materials for free at


This program is for children ages 12 and under. To participate, children must read ANY 10 books. Download and complete this form and bring it with you to a Borders or Waldenbooks store to choose your free book. They have about ten titles to choose from.


Meet the Summer Reading Challenge with these great articles from Scholastic on how to keep kids reading over the summer. Encourage readers age 7 and up to join the Read for the World Record Challenge! The Top 20 schools with the most reading minutes will appear in the "Scholastic Book of World Records" 2011 edition.

For New Jersey Readers

Organized by the NJ Library Association and the NJ State Library, these committees have gathered information on book lists, films & movies, web resources, performers, program ideas, crafts and details on upcoming workshops. Also check out their site for free prizes from McDonald's for reading 5 books.

TD Bank

Are you aware of the 2010 TD Bank Summer Reading Program? Children who read ten books by the end of the summer will receive $10 from TD Bank to deposit into a new or existing TD Bank Young Saver Account. The Summer Reading Program takes place May 3rd – September 30th. More information is
available at

Have a great summer and read some great books!



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