5 Parent Resources to Support Children in Being Safe & Responsible Digital Citizens

5 Parent Resources to Support Children in Being Safe & Responsible Digital Citizens

Kids today! If you believed the headlines, you'd think that technology has created a generation of kids who are impatient, bored, and entitled. While that could be true, don't blame the kids or the tech. It is up to the adults in their worlds to ensure we raise kids who know how to be safe and responsible digital citizens.Educators do this by following the curriculum from providers like Common Sense Education, Google’s “Be Internet Awesome,” and EverFi’s “Ignition.”

I asked a group of Common Sense Educators which sites they recommend for parents.

Below are the resources they suggested schools can share to support parents in keeping their children safe online.

5 Digital Citizenship Resources for Parents

  • Social Media Guidelines - NYC
    These are the student guidelines schools share with parents. There are also guides for parents, infographics, and an activity book that go along with the guidelines.
  • Digital Citizenship Responsibilities - NYC
    New York City Schools educators created plain language guidance to advice for supporting good digital citizenship with students and infographics to accompany this advice.

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