4 Web Based Tools to Record Your Voice

If you are looking for tools to record your or your students' voice for free, here are my favourite web based voice recording tools.

Chirbitis a tool to record or upload your voice and then share it with others on different social networking platforms.It allows you to upload different sound formats. If you like, you can even extract audio from Youtube videos. This tool also lets you get a unique QR code for each of your audio post and upload an image for your audio post as well.

AudioPalis another tool to record your voice online without signingup. You can create unlimited audio messages and you can share it with our via link or embed it to your blog if you have one. Keep in mind that it only allows you to create 6 seconds which is enough if you are working with young learners.

Vocaroo is a tool to record your voice and then simply share it with others. The new feature of Vocaroo also lets you upload different audio formats and share it with your audience. If you do not like your recording, you can retry it as many times as you want. The best part is that you do not need to sign up to use this tool. With a microphone, you can create your own podcast and share it via Facebook, Twitter or send it to an email. You can also embed the audio to your blog or your website or just download it to your computer by following the link on the page.

SoundCloudlets you record your voice or upload a recording and share it with others. When you finish, you mail it to others to share your audio. You can also make your podcast more social by adding comments and liking the audios.

It has never been easier to create podcasts and use them with our students.

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