Mobile Learning, Not Mobile Students

Up until now we have not had 24/7 learning. Students had to go to their laptops/computers and, then, do their work. Their computers might be in their bedroom, in the family room, in a school computer library or in a library computer lab. The students had to be mobile, not the technology.

Now students can use the mobile device that they always have with them such as their smartphone to truly have 24/7 learning. In the middle of the night, they can reach over to their night stand and use their smartphones to do any online work. As they take a walk in the park, they can take their smartphones out of their pocket and find out some information. They can even use their smartphones to communicate/ collaborate with others in any location (As of March, 2011, over 50% of people text while in the bathroom).

Does your school let students have a mobile device with them at all times? Or is mobile learning confined to a specific class or to the school day? Are your students mobile or is the technology mobile?

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Harry Grover Tuttle teaches English and Spanish college courses at Onondaga Community College and blogs at Education with Technology. He is also the author of several books on formative assessment.