Keyboard Apps

Despite their growing engagement with the touch-screen tablet world, children still need to learn keyboarding. Susan Hossack, known for her keyboarding software, now has created three different keyboarding apps.Keyboard Fun $4.99 This app differs from the apps below, as it can be set up as a QWERTY keyboard or ABC. Students who are learning the alphabet would benefit from the abc set up. Students hear the letter and type the key. After they type the key a picture starting with the letter appears, reinforcing the letter. Student who know the alphabet can use the QWERTY keyboard.

Typing Fun $5.99 - This app has a multitude of settings to for students, ranging from big keys within the keyboard, color coding, QWERTY or ABC, audio lettercues, ignore errors and whether to hear a beep when hitting the key. In addition students can have color lines around the letters to help students with visual perception. Finally, the app has a built-in spelling list from pre-primer to third grade. As students learn the keyboard, they can hide the letters on the app. Aligning with the Common Core, students can capitalize letters of proper words by touching the caps key. If students are using a Bluetooth keyboard or a keyboard tablet like the Writer Plus, they will get practice with both the app and the keyboard.

Type a word $2.99 - Lite version- $1.99- Students practice typing different words. In addition to typing the words, the student is able to see the time it took to type the word, helping the student to increase their spelling and understanding of the keyboard.

Keyboarding should begin in first grade and be mastered by fourth grade. It is part of the Common Core Standards: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.W.4.6.

Vicki Windman is a special education teacher at Clarkstown High School South.