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Get Organized With Free Apps

Highlight apps are great for preparing for end-of-year exams or just regular coursework and can be particularly helpful for students who have trouble with organizational skills.

Show Me Free- This is not only an interactive whiteboard but also a voice recorder. We all know that inserting pictures or color code helps reinforce ideas. This is a great app for students who like to use audio, visual and kinesthetic to help them learn, especially when trying to reinforce material for an exam.

IBrainstorm Free- This is a drawing tool that also incorporates sticky notes on a corkboard background. Users can work with four friends and give each person an area to take notes. Once done, users can share notes by connecting up to four iPhones or iPads in a Wi Fi- accessible area.

SimpleMind+mind mapping Free- The free app allows you to build a mind map, which helps users brainstorm and then arrange their ideas. Users drag and drop topics and arrange them on the Mind Map page. For more features, buy the full version for $6.99.

Idea Sketch $.99 Idea Sketch lets users easily draw a diagram - mind map, concept map, or flow chart - and convert it to a text outline, and vice versa. Use Idea Sketch for brainstorming new ideas, illustrating concepts, making lists and outlines, planning presentations, creating organizational charts, and more.

Vicki Windman is a special education teacher at Clarkstown High School South and the founder of App-oplexy, a website devoted to apps for special-needs children and adults.