Top 20 Safe Search Engines

safe search engines
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As many educators, students and their families are teaching and learning remotely, knowing where to turn for safe online research is essential. Here, in alphabetical order, are some safe search engines to start with.

Top 20 Safe Search Engines

Choosito (opens in new tab) - A National Science Foundation-funded search engine and digital library for students.

Classhook (opens in new tab) - Find educational videos from TV shows and movies that can be used for lessons on a wide range of topics.

Cybersleuth Kids (opens in new tab) - Great for finding student-friendly games, activities and clip art related to reading, math and more.

DinoSearch (opens in new tab) - A kid-friendly search engine that employs three filters to block inappropriate search results.

DOGOnews (opens in new tab) - Relying on a curated and COPPA-compliant database, DOGOnews offers reading material and assignments for grades K-8 that can then be integrated into Google Classroom, in addition to assessment and language/speech tools.

Famhoo (opens in new tab) - A family-friendly search engine that filters all content.

Google (safe search) (opens in new tab) - Google offers a safe search setting that can be set as the default for Firefox browsers.

The History Engine (opens in new tab) - A collection of thousands of historical “episodes” researched, written, and published by college students, who learn history in the process through doing the work of a historian.

Kiddle (opens in new tab) - A visual search engine specifically designed for kids.

Kidtopia (opens in new tab) - A COPPA/CIPA compliant search engine for students designed by school librarians.

Kid Rex (opens in new tab) - Designed around Google’s safe search with fun graphics, Kid Rex emphasizes kid-related web pages.

Lesson Planet (opens in new tab) - Ideal for teachers and parents searching for lessons and other education resources that can be shared with students.

Lumos Edsearch (opens in new tab) - Provides filtered educational resources, videos, apps, and more that have been vetted by teachers.

Nettrekker (opens in new tab) - A paid site for searching the web designed for both students and teachers.

Photos for Class (opens in new tab) - Creative Common-licensed images for the classroom that are cited appropriately.

Refseek (opens in new tab) - An academic search engine that indexes through five billions documents, including journals, encyclopedias, websites, and books.

Springo Kids (opens in new tab) - A fun visual search engine for kids in which results are divided into for over and under 8 years old, and are given in thumbnails.

Sweet Search (opens in new tab) - A group of more than 50 education experts (including librarians, researchers and teachers) evaluate content for this search engine.

Symbolab (opens in new tab) - A scientific search engine geared toward providing solutions for math and science problems.

Top Marks (opens in new tab) - Developed in the UK by teachers who have vetted all the content and results on this site, which cover a wide range of subjects.

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