Purposeful or Fun Learning Apps?

Coach A had his five year old soccer players practice by doing dribbling drills, kicking drills, and passing the ball drills. Coach B had her young players practice by walking in a curvy line, pretending to be airplanes, and running around the goal. Coach A's team won by 3-0.

Many mobile apps fall into these two categories. Teacher A has her students use an app that leads directly to the learning goal. Her students spend time learning in small chunks that build up to being successful at the learning goal. Teacher B has his students spend "fun" time on things that indirectly lead to the learning goal or have them spend more time on the game aspect than on actual learning. Which teacher's students will master the learning?

What type apps do you use?

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Harry Grover Tuttle teaches English and Spanish college courses at Onondaga Community College and blogs at Education with Technology. He is also the author of several books on formative assessment and the new ebook 90 Mobile Learning Modern Language Activities.