From the Principal's Office: Evernote Journal App for iPad

From the Principal's Office: Evernote Journal App for iPad

There are quite a few Evernote apps that extend the note taking program’s functionality, and I have used quite a few of them. Recently, I found Evernote's Journal iPad app. This app makes it possible to keep a journal right in my Evernote application. Being able to do this makes keeping a log or meeting notes even simpler because this app allows you to create those notes with automatic dates right within an Evernote note.

Journal for Evernote has the following features of capabilities:

  • Creates a stack in your Evernote account called “My Journal” and stores your notes by date within yearly notebooks.
  • Notes can be saved and uploaded automatically.
  • Date and time is automatically added to the top of your note.
  • Each entry in the Journal app is recorded as a separate note.
  • Easy to use interface makes entering notes quite simple.

Evernote users looking for a simple way to take meeting notes or keep logs may want to add Journal for Evernote to their iOS device immediately.

Journal's iPad App Interface

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