Top 10 Teaching Based Movies by David Kapuler

Top 10 Teaching Based Movies by David Kapuler

With the start of summer upon us, I decided to have a little fun and compile a top ten list of one of my favorite things, movies. There are are many top ten movie lists on a number of different topics but to keep in style with this blog, I decided to focus on teaching. I'd love to read feedback and what movies you think should be on this list -- or in which order. The one film which will surely garner a lot of praise that I omitted on this list is Mr Holland's Opus, and that's because I've never seen it.


Top 10 Teaching Based Movies

  1. Remember the Titans - Movie about high school football and so much more. Denzel Washington gives a memorable performance as a football coach who teaches not only the fundamentals of football, but also of life.
  2. Lean on Me - Powerful movie starring Morgan Freeman as he tries to help a high school from destroying itself.
  3. Finding Forrester - It's hard not to like this film that focuses on a teen writer who is mentored by Sean Connery.
  4. Freedom Writers - A film about a young high school teacher who helps turn student's lives around through their writing. Starring the great Hillary Swank.
  5. Stand & Deliver - Based on a true story; one of the most famous films on teaching.
  6. Dangerous Minds - A strong film starring Michelle Pfeiffer, about a teacher who turns around her high school class located in a poor neighbor in the city.
  7. Dead Poets Society - A great film about an English teacher who teaches his students the joy and power of poetry.
  8. Good Will Hunting - Another film starring Robin Williams as a psychologist who helps Will find his path in life, filled with great dialogue.
  9. Music of the Heart - True story that shows a teacher's struggle to teach violin to students.
  10. Lions for Lambs - Not based entirely on teaching, but the scenes with Robert Redford as a professor who inspires his students to think are breathtaking.

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