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Understanding Remix by Dean Shareski

While I spent a great deal of time online, even more than my own kids, they always seem to keep me in touch with the latest YouTube phenomenas.
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While I spent a great deal of time online, even more than my own kids, they always seem to keep me in touch with the latest YouTube phenomena. For them it's all about the humor. I tend to have a bit of a deeper lens. Although the humor doesn't escape me. Maybe you've seen this one.

This is pretty recent, I think sometime in late July. I'm amazed at how quickly these become viral. We've seen this before but now it's not a matter of if a video like this will get remixed, but when, how often and what new creative way it will be mashed up. My kids also taught me about auto-tune. Basically it's software that takes your voice and can do amazing things with pitch and use it to make virtually any sound you like. It's used often in music production to insure perfect pitch. Here it's used to remix the same video.

I've stopped asking "why?" because this is the new sandbox for our kids. This is what they spend hours building. Just as playing with lego instills creativity and design, the remix is doing the same. And just when you think it can't translate into the classroom, North Carolina A&T university marching band thinks it worthy for their repertoire. To me, this represents a tipping point of sorts.

So are you teaching remix? At what point does this replace or work in conjunction with the literature and content currently used in schools? Should it?



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