Free Websites to Help Meet the Common Core Standards

Technology is an integral part of the Common Core Standards. For teachers without access to a tablet, who want to use technology with an interactive whiteboard, the following are sites to achieve the standards for a particular grade.

Grades K-3

Fuel The Brain- This free site has some teacher resources for the Common Core Standards for writing, numbers and operations and measurement and data. Teachers can also print worksheets and have students interact with “games” that align to the Common Core. The highlight to this site is the ability for students to create their own mini books. Students can write fiction or non-fiction books that can add the title and author and content.

Grades K-6

Mr. Nussbaum Great site that meets the Common Core Standards! The site includes interactive games as well as printable worksheets and lesson plans that align to the Common Core Standards, including math, language arts, history, geography, USA and science.

Grades K-12

Vocabulary Spelling City Website and free app. Free activities to help students with spelling and vocabulary.

Math-Play includes both math games and printable worksheets for elementary and middle school. Interactive games include fractions, algebra, geometry, money, elementary and middle school.

Common Core Conversation This is a free site that offers resources, lessons and teaching strategies. Resources include math, English, science, social studies and other subjects.

Ginger Software use with Google Chrome. This website is a must-have for students who need proofreading when writing documents. Within the site many other options are offered for free.

Vicki Windman is a special education teacher at Clarkstown High School South. Read more at