Apps for Preschool

Presently there are no mandated Common Core Standards for preschool children. However, some states have developed prekindergarten standards. New York State, for example, has adopted the NYS Preschool Foundation for the Common Core. The following apps can be used in both preschool and Response to Intervention in kindergarten.

Communication, Language and Literacy:

Demonstrates that he/she understands what is observed:

Swapsies $2.99- Here is a creative way to engage students to view and identify different occupations. Increases imagination and cognitive thinking.

Demonstrates his/her ability to express ideas using a variety of methods.

Story Creator Pro- $1.99 This app provides student with 16 layouts, ability to add photos, text and audio.

Demonstrates a growing receptive vocabulary.

TableTots $1.99 Teachers can individually create boards to increase receptive language of numbers, letters, shapes and things.

Reading Standards for Literature:

Leo's Pad: Preschool Kids Learning Series: FREE: Great curriculum, based content and animation to engage both preschool and kindergarten students. Introduce comprehension and over 70 cognitive, academic and social learning skills.

Pixel and Parker $2.99 Using the theme of friendship this story adds critical thinking skills using 30 built in activities.

Cognition and Knowledge of the World:

Know number names and the count sequence.

Tallytots $2.99- Here is a fun and creative way to get students to count to 20.

Understand simple patterns

Fingerfun Lite –FREE/Full Version $1.99- Children learn to follow the given pattern to discover magical worlds. Increase motor skills and learn to follow sequences. Interactive illustrations with up to 10 button patterns.

Vicki Windman is a special education teacher at Clarkstown High School South. Read more at