Children Telling Stories

Children Telling Stories

Storytelling is one of the most powerful arts in language learning classes. It’s a great way to motivate kids and promote speaking in English at the same time.

And, here is a very nice storytelling website that is called Smories. It is a collection of stories that are told by students themselves. You can listen to the stories and some of them even have subtitles that go along with the recording.

It is a motivating website for kids and the stories are lovely. This website is certainly an inspiration to many different stories in young learner classes.

  • Ask students to listen to the stories and choose their favorite one.
  • Assign them to listen to some stories and talk about the story, ask comprehension questions.
  • Students can listen and write a summary of the story that they have listened.
  • Students listen to a story and they illustrate it and create a book cover for it.

Enjoy the stories!

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