Excellent Resources for Project-Based Learning

Excellent Resources for Project-Based Learning

"Project-based learning is considered an alternative to paper-based, rote memorization, teacher-led classrooms. Proponents of project-based learning cite numerous benefits to the implementation of these strategies in the classroom including a greater depth of understanding of concepts, broader knowledge base, improved communication and interpersonal/social skills, enhanced leadership skills, increased creativity, and improved writing skills. (Wikipedia)" PBL or Project-Based Learning is a method of teaching that has been around for a long time that is getting more attention because of how 21st century education technology can support the goals of PBL. Basically, PBL allows for teachers to "ask" a question that allows students to solve in a variety of a ways using many different analytical methods. Since Project-Based Learning incorporates a lot of different techniques and tools to use, I've decided to create a list of resources rather then just one of sites or apps.

Excellent Resources for Project-Based Learning



  • LifePractice PBL - A fantastic resource created by Kevin Honeycutt & Ginger Lewman that is ideal for K-12 that seamlessly fuses PBL with technology and a 21st Century learning environment.
  • PBL in Hand - a nice site/lesson created by educational app (Stick Around) creator/educator Tony Vincent
  • Lesson Plans - a robust collection of lesson plans from Lesson Planet designed around PBL



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