Throwback Thursday: Lyricsgaps

Throwback Thursday: Lyricsgaps

If you want to add fun and joy to your lesson with some music, here is a great web tool for this! It’s called LyricsGaps. With this tool, you can watch and listen a song, fill in the gaps of the lyrics using different tools.

There are hundreds of songs that you can choose from in different languages. When you find your song, you choose a game mode. It can be karaoke, where students sing the song in a karaoke mode. You can choose the quiz, where the lyrics of the songs are in a multiple quiz form. Here, students listen and choose the correct words in the lyrics. Or, you can choose a level among beginner, intermediate or expert and the lyrics of the words come again like a quiz where the words are in a drop down menu. As the students listen to the song, they choose the right words.

You can also create a teacher’s account and create your own quizzes for your students with the words that you have chosen. When you are done, you can share the customized quiz with your students.

Also, when you click on any word, it gives you the definition of it which makes this tool much better!

How to use this tool:

  • Choose different level of songs for your students and let them try different game modes.
  • Let your students create their own games modes for each other.
  • Have a kareoke party in class!
  • Enjoy singing and listening the songs!

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