Whatever Happened to Video Blogging? by Dean Shareski - Tech Learning

Whatever Happened to Video Blogging? by Dean Shareski

Whatever Happened to Video Blogging?
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Personalized Assesment by Dean Shareski

One of the current buzz words in the world of educational technology is "personalized learning" I've used it often and while it's been used prior to the influx of technology in schools, the internet is making it more of a

Inside Learning...by Dean Shareski

With the opening of baseball season just around the corner I was thinking back to one of my favorite shows as a child, Inside Baseball. As much as I loved to watch the games themselves, I was fascinated by the

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Watch People Learn by Dean Shareski

Mythbusters is just a plain cool show. Sure they often blow stuff up and pursue the ridiculous but beyond any of that the hook for me is they are truly curious, interested learners who document every step and give you

Student Involved Assessment by Dean Shareski

The concept of student involved assessment is hard to deny as a powerful learning practice. Students taking care of their own learning and being able to use meta cognition to dissect understanding and progress and seek ideas and support to

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What School Should Be by Dean Shareski

I'm at Educon.     If you're not familiar with Educon, it's a conference conversation hosted by Chris Lehmann and the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, PA. I was fortunate to be able to spend Thursday and Friday hanging around the