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Social Media Guidelines for Students and Teachers by Students and Teachers

Social Media Guidelines for Students and Teachers by Students and Teachers

As I shared earlier this year the New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE) created social media guidelines for students 13+ with students, teachers, and parents. Students said they wanted to see the guidelines as infographics. Teachers and parents wanted guides.


The NYC DOE gathered together students, teachers, and parents to create what they requested. Now they are available, at no cost, not just for students, staff, and families in New York City, but they are also available for anyone ready to embrace social media to support college, career, and citizenship success.

You can see all the materials on the website at You can visit the Parent Guide here, the Teacher Guide here, and the infographics below.
Link for Definition of Social Media Infographic
Link for Digital Image Infographic
Link for Post Responsibly Infographic
Link for Consider the Consequences Infographic
Link for Cyberbullying Infographic
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