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10 Sites for Online Educational Tutorials

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In 2020, online learning has become essential to educating students of all ages. And although the pandemic will end eventually, many experts predict that online education is here to stay as an integral part of learning. 

These websites, many of them free, are some of the best around for learning any topic, from classic academic subjects to career and hobby skills. 

  1. Codecademy (opens in new tab)
    Users have access to various coding-related courses and languages, from computer science to JavaScript to web development. No need to get overwhelmed by the choices, as Codecademy furnishes a nine-question “quiz” that reveals your underlying strengths and which learning paths might be best for you. Free basic plan. 
  2. Coursera (opens in new tab)
    Top resource for more than 5,000 high-quality courses from expert institutions such as Yale, Google, and University of London. A detailed search filter helps users home in on the courses they need to advance their school or work career. Take courses for free or pay to earn a certificate.
  3. Khan Academy (opens in new tab)
    This remarkable nonprofit offers a wide variety of pre-K to college-level courses, from 3rd grade math and high school biology to U.S. history and macroeconomics. Khan for Educators provides guidance, how-to videos, and tips to help teachers implement Khan Academy with students. Free.
  4. LinkedIn Learning (opens in new tab)
    The popular tutorial site is now LinkedIn Learning, offering over 16,000 free and paid courses in the business, creative, and technology categories. Monthly ($29.99/month) and annual (19.99/month) plans available. One month free trial. 
  5. Open Culture (opens in new tab)
    Open Culture curates an extensive set of free learning resources from across the globe, including courses, lectures from leading academics, free audiobooks, movies, ebooks, and digital textbooks. The K-12 education section provides video tutorials, apps, books, and websites for K-12 learning. Free. 
  6. Sophia (opens in new tab)
    Sophia offers online college courses for credit, as well as training courses and continuing education for mental health, IT careers, and nursing. Sophia guarantees credits will transfer to its 37 Partner Network members, while noting that many other colleges and institutions also award credit on a case-by- case basis. $79/month for full access, with free trials available. 
  7. Teacher Training Videos (opens in new tab)
    This terrific site from Russell Stannard showcases award-winning screencasts to help teachers and students integrate technology into learning. Featured education technology videos include Google, Moodle, Quizlet, Camtasia, and Snagit, among others. Sections devoted to online teaching and Zoom are particularly relevant. Free.
  8. Techsmith (opens in new tab)
    Techsmith, maker of screen capture software and solutions, provides tutorials and guides for its products, including Camtasia, Snagit, Knowmia, and more. How-to videos dedicated to remote education supply step-by-step instruction, ideal for online teaching. Free.
  9. Udemy (opens in new tab)
    Offering 130,000 online courses, Udemy is perhaps the world’s largest purveyor of online video courses. With categories as diverse as IT/software, photography, engineering, and humanities, there is something for any interested learner. Ratings for each course help users decide which ones to purchase. Bonus for educators - earn money by teaching on Udemy. A 24/7 Instructor Support team guides teachers in their course creation.
  10. Virtual Nerd Mobile Math (opens in new tab)
    This simple, easy-to-navigate site provides more than 1,500 video lessons covering middle-grade math subjects through Algebra 2. Thousands of additional video tutorials support learning K-12 math Common Core State Standards as well as SAT and ACT math topics. A great resource for students struggling to master concepts or exploring on their own. Free, no account required. Also available as an iOs app (opens in new tab)