Google+ 21 Day Challenge: Day 1 - Create your Profile

Your Google+ Profile lets others find you easier and allows people to learn more about you (if you choose). In order to start using Google+, you will need to create and add some basic information to your Profile. Later on in the challenge, you will learn more about how to customize and control the privacy of your Google+ Profile.

  1. Login to your school Google account
  2. Click the "Grid" icon at the top of the screen next to your email address (or your picture if you've added one)
  3. Click the icon for Google+ ("+You")
  4. Fill out your name, gender and birthday. Remember, this is your professional profile, so please use your real name!
  5. Click "Upgrade"
  6. In order to build your Professional Learning Community within Google+, you will want to find and add people to follow. For now, we will skip this step and click “Continue”. We’ll re-visit finding and adding people later on in the 21 day challenge.
  7. Another great way to expand your Professional Learning Community is to follow public experts and resources on Google+. Again, skip this step for now and click “Continue”. We’ll re-visit this step later on in the 21 day challenge.
  8. Google will warn you that you haven’t added any people to follow. It’s OK because we will go back and do this at a later time. Click “Continue anyway”
  9. Expand the details of your Profile by adding a picture or yourself (crucial in helping people find and identify you), the school where you work, and your job/role. Click “Finish”
  10. That’s it! You’ve successfully created your Google+ Profile which will allow others to find you and follow you on Google+. You can always view your own Profile and make changes by clicking on the "Home" icon on the left side of the Google+ page and then clicking "Profile".

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Paul Barrette is the Director of Technology of Smithfield Public Schools in Rhode Island and past president of the Rhode Island Society of Technology Educators.