Forty…Now Fifty…Educational Websites To Put In Your Toolkit, Part 5

Forty…Now Fifty…Educational Websites To Put In Your Toolkit, Part 5

It’s summer time and you really didn’t think I would stop at 40 sites… especially when I can make it one half of a hundred! I have really enjoyed sharing these websites I feel should be in every teacher’s toolbox! I have now have fifty… maybe more someday (Chapter 2?). This is post number five… remember I am picking these from thousands. It is my way of saying happy summer!

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Part 5: Forty… Now Fifty… Educational Websites To Put In Your Toolkit

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  • Generate free MLA citations
  • Autocite or Manual Entry to learn process
  • Citation Guides assist in locating information from various types of source
  • Fee based services remove ads or generate APA, Chicago and others


  • Generate printouts of web pages without ads and navigational clutter
  • Easily add the Bookmarklet to your browser
  • Add the Button to your webpage
  • Print, email, or save PDF file


  • Enables teachers to deliver customized, Common Core aligned learning and digitally
  • Create and share their curriculum and lesson materials
  • Embed a layer of questions, quizzes, and rich media annotations into any reading assignment
  • Track mastery of literacy skills and Common Core standards in real-time


  • Use only what you need from any video. Search for videos from Youtube, Khan Academy, LearnZillion, Crash Course, etc.
  • Insert audio notes or record over a video with your voice
  • Add questions along the video to give your students immediate feedback and track their understanding.
  • You can also upload your own videos to EDpuzzle and make them perfect for your class.


  • Tailor Quizlet study sessions to your students’ different learning styles and goals
  • Millions of students use Quizlet at home, to study everything from languages to science to history
  • Generate self-grading practice quizzes or print handouts for your students
  • Liven up your classroom with study games that your students will love to play


  • Know how every student is doing at any moment… A free app that works on any web-enabled device in the 1:1 classroom
  • Students give instant feedback about their understanding in private and in real-time
  • Check for evidence of understanding with multiple choice or short answer responses
  • Student driven: Differentiation made easy while students learn skills of metacognition


  • 21st Century Critical Thinking Platform
  • Bringing research, organization, and writing to one place
  • Highlight and save from anywhere … Export to a file or send via email
  • Bibliography in APA or MLA

Research Ready

  • Evaluate a website for research
  • Use critical thinking skills to examine a site
  • Online form with evaluation questions
  • Email finished form of evaluated website


  • Allow for students to look at the opposite views of a subject
  • Created polls and forums
  • Encourage discussion
  • Get feedback

Paper Rater

  • Formative tool for evaluating writing
  • Checks writing, spelling, vocabulary, composition, structure
  • Gives a report style feedback with even a grade
  • Differentiates on different styles of writing

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