Class Tech Tips: Learn Students’ Names with

Class Tech Tips: Learn Students’ Names with

As you get ready to head back-to school you may want to check out This website helps teachers learn students’ names easily and without the stress of trying to memorize pronunciations on the spot. With its free Student Name Directory, teachers share a single link with their students that sends them to a dedicated page for your class or course. Students can then record their names and add additional pronunciation guidance. Teachers will then have access to their dedicated class Name Page so that they can hear students’ recordings to easily learn and remember.

The web-based Student Name Directory works on both mobile and desktop for learning students’ names at home or on the go. By using the Student Name Directory students will also have the option of using the free VoiceSignature service that allows them to embed their name recording in their email signature and on social media. This tool could also come in handy at school wide events like assemblies and graduation ceremonies.

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