15 Sites for Blended Learning

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Blended learning is a teaching approach that combines both traditional instruction and digital technologies to create lessons. Face-to-face teaching is augmented with online lessons and content.  

These sites provide support, lessons and other resources for educators using a blended learning approach.

Answer Pad - A free visual and student-based response system that educators use to blend learning and assess students in real-time on browser-based devices.

Blended Play - Uses gamification to support blended learning, and allows educators to create the questions used in the multiple games available.

Buncee - An easy-to-use platform encourages creativity and sharing by supporting digital storytelling, project-based learning, interactive presentation and more.

Edmodo - A free social learning environment where educators can share class materials, collaborate with students, and keep parents informed. 

EDpuzzle - Allows educators to flip a classroom or lesson by editing a video and adding questions. Ideal for self-paced learning.

Eduflow - A new learning management system (LMS) that allows educators to create courses and lessons, track student progress, and integrate group discussions.

FlipSnack Edu - Build your own online classroom in which you can add new lessons or upload existing ones, and where students can create and share projects.

GoClass - Uses a web interface and mobile app to create digital lessons, blend learning, and generate detailed reports.

iCivics - A free platform for teaching civics through multiple resources and through various approaches such as game-based learning, project-based learning, and web quests.

Kahoot - An engaging and popular game-based site that provides opportunities for students to take control of their learning and educators to track student development.

Khan Academy - A vast, curated resource for online learning where users learn at their own pace through interactive exercises and videos.

MySimpleShow - A very popular site for creating beautiful looking explainer videos/slideshows, as well as to "flip" or "blend" learning.

Otus - Educators can build device-friendly lessons, manage and track student performance, take attendance and notes, grade, communicate and more.

Parlay - Take classroom engagement to the next level through virtual hand raises, data-driven class discussions, best practices and more.

Umu - Provides a variety of tools for professional development, including quizzes, polls, infographics, live broadcasts, and more.

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