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How to Get Students Interested in Learning? Use the Best Educational Tools!

Games and websites that can improve students' literacy and critical thinking skills are key to keeping them engaged in learning.
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Games and websites that improve students' literacy and critical thinking skills are key to keeping them engaged in learning. With the help of the coolest kid-friendly websites, children will start perceiving learning as something that’s fun to do every day. Below are some of the best websites for elementary and middle school students.

1. The Stacks by Scholastic

This website offers a plethora of educational quizzes, games, puzzles, and writing games. You can find great prompts based on themes and characters from Scholastic books, and inspire students to start writing and develop their creative thinking skills.

2. is a wonderful website that will make addition, subtraction, and multiplication fun. Great worksheets, classroom games and interactive games present math as a fun subject that’s easy to learn.

3. Fact Monster

This website is a great source of trivia quizzes, facts, and reference materials on all subjects. The atlas and encyclopedia are especially useful for young children.

4. Prongo

Besides free games, you will also find great jokes, e-cards, brainteasers, links, and downloads on most subject that are covered at school. In addition, you can create an interactive quiz and get the young student interested in learning new things.

5. Light Up Your Brain

The audio stories and brainteaser games featured at this website will help your kids develop their skills in math, color-matching, reading, problem-solving, and more. One of the most interesting games is “Successful Experiment,” which tests children’s understandings of physics.

6. FunBrain

The comics and books featured at this website are complemented with fun interactive games to interest students in reading. Your students will also be able to explore math arcade games and have fun with cute characters in the playground section of the website.

7. Game Classroom

Game Classroom features great educative videos, lessons, games, and worksheets gathered from reputable online sources.

8. Essay Minions

Developing skills of essay writing and academic expression is very important for young children.

9. ABCya

One of the best websites for helping children grades K-5 to develop skills in reading, writing, and math. The holiday themes featured at the website are a great choice for a relaxed educational activity.

10. Branwritings

This is the favorite destination for all parents who want their children to develop some skills. There are wonderful writers and teachers that can help get a highly experienced and qualified consultations.

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