Top Apps For Managing Social Media in Education

If you are looking to integrate social media properly into your educational establishment then you need to think strategically about how to do it. These tools can help you to build your following and ensure that you spend as little time as possible getting the most out of social media.

Social media can be used for updating students, educating students on new trends and new information, interacting with students on urgent updates, and also building stronger ties between the educational establishment and the students. It can be a way of keeping in touch with alumni and past teachers, as well as building links with other establishments around the world. It is incredibly powerful if used in the right way.

One more sphere where social media are extremely useful is job hunting. In future job hunting through social media is supposed to be one of the most common ways to find a job. That’s why it’s very important for students to understand how social media work and how they can benefit from them.

These tools will streamline your daily activities, help you group together the information that you need, and interact in the most positive and efficient way with your students. You can see a larger list of tools here…

Social Flow

This is a really useful app that provides you with information to make sure that you're sending your social media content out at the right times. Educational establishments need to make sure they connect with students at the times they are the most active. This application makes sure that you are connecting with people who are online now so that he publish at the perfect time for them to access your information. There is a cost for this service of around $99 per month.


This is a really handy application that enables you to post profile updates to all of your platforms via one simple interface. You can get your status updates to Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Tumbler and Facebook without glitches, and without, spending time having to log into every profile. This is a real time saver.

Sprout Social

This is another handy social media tool that can help you to analyze, monitor, post and generally manage your social media profiles. It takes time out of the process by giving you one easy streaming inbox to monitor everything from your different profiles. There are 3 different levels of package available for this application, and they are $39, $59 and $99 per month. This is a little bit more expensive than some of the tools out there but it can really help to make things smoother when it comes to interacting with students.


This tool brings Twitter to you in a much easier way than simply accessing through the profile. It enables you to clean up your accounts by un-following, reciprocating and searching new interesting profiles in a simple, time-saving way. There are two levels of account; the silver account at $7.49 per month, and the platinum account at $14.99 per month. If you pay for the accounts annually can save just under 20%.


This is the most popular of all the social media management tools. You can execute campaigns through your social media networks and you have a single dashboard through which you can manage everything. You can see who is interacting with your profiles, and manage exactly how you are performing through your social media channels.

Melissa Burns is a journalism student. She is an editor of a university magazine and writes articles for online magazines.