#Document4Learning: Raising Awareness and Crowdsourcing Perspectives

#Document4Learning: Raising Awareness and Crowdsourcing Perspectives

The idea of Document FOR Learning is occupying my mind more and more… puzzle pieces of different strategies and needs in modern teaching and learning are coming together if I look at them through the lens of teachers, students and school communities documenting their work.

I see intentional documenting FOR learning as:

  • serving a metacognitive purpose
  • a creative multimedia expression (oral, visual, textual) a component of reflective practice
  • taking ownership of one’s learning
  • a memory aid
  • curation
  • professional development
  • being open for feedback

In order to raise awareness about the potential of documenting for learning in education and bring in different perspectives from other educators, I decided to take a selfie, holding a piece of paper with keyword(s) of what documenting for learning is mainly about for me.

Thank you @dwsteven, @edtechworkshop, @jon_mitzmacher,@mumbaimaggie , @dkuropatwa and @sewilkie for being the first ones to answer the call and contributing to the hashtag #document4learning

Ready to participate in crowdsourcing more perspectives?

  1. Write down what you believe #document4learning is all about in education and contribute visually by
  2. Snapping a selfie with you holding up a keyword
  3. Upload the image to Twitter using the hashtag #document4learning (to add your image to all the other contribution and voices).

P.S. This type of crowdsourced-selfie-activity is a great way to have students participate in summarizing their learning, make a prediction, make it visible (you could use a Visible Thinking Routine, ex. CSI), or as an exit ticket.

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Silvia Tolisano is a Curriculum21 faculty member, author of the book Digital Storytelling Tools for Educators and founder of the Around the World with 80 Schools project. Read more at http://langwitches.org/blog.