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How To Get Started: Collaborating Among Schools

6 Steps to start collaborating among schools:
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I will be traveling to Venezuela this week to share and learn with educators at EVAC2014 in Maturin, Venezuela.

The talk about modern literacies… about becoming a globally connected educator… and having your students collaborate with peers from around the world is great…. BUT how do you actually DO it? I will be elaborating this with the participants in one of my sessions.

If you are reading this… walk the talk…. leave a comment with your ideas and contact info on this blog post, if you are looking to connect with educators and students from 4 International Schools in Venezuela.

6 Steps to start collaborating among schools:

1. Build a Professional Development Hub
2. Document
3. Share
4. Feedback
5 .Connect
6. Learn Together

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Silvia Tolisano is a Curriculum21 faculty member, author of the book Digital Storytelling Tools for Educators and founder of the Around the World with 80 Schools project. Read more at



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