The Now Literacies Through the Lens of Sharing

The Now Literacies Through the Lens of Sharing

I am excited to share ( ) the keynote I am presenting at EVAC2014 in Maturin, Venezuela.

Looking at the “Now” literacies, , including digital, media and global literacy, we are preparing students for a time when what they know is not as important, in comparison, to what they can do with what they know. We are becoming a society where consumers have become producers and increasingly are required to being contributors. How does this translate into the classroom? What does this mean in terms of professional development and continued learning for teachers? How do we become leaders in the NEW literacies and make them NOW literacies in our schools?

We are looking at these NOW literacies through the lens of SHARING. How can we use the power of networks to raise awareness and support our students in experiencing these skills? What would happen if no one shared?

The NOW Literacies Through the Lens of Sharing from Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano

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