Fire Safety & Prevention Week Made Easy, With Sparky's Stories

Fire Safety & Prevention Week Made Easy, With Sparky's Stories

Fire Safety and Prevention Week is October 5-11th.

Teaching Fire Safety is easy when you have the help of Sparky the Dog! The National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) provides a variety of fun free apps and other resources for teachers to use in the and both provide fun activities for students to learn about Fire Safety. They have also provided specific lessons related to their apps. (Check out the Resources) They have made learning fun with music videos like "Little Rosalie."

Sing and dance along with SteveSongs as Rosalie and her little brother learn the four key steps to follow when you hear the sound of a smoke alarm.

Or this one with What’s That Sound? Can Recess Monkey and their gang of pals brave Sparky’s flying smoke alarm to learn what it takes to stay fire safe?

Make sure you also check out their newest app, The Case of the Missing Smoke Alarms! (opens in new tab)
Or their other app, Sparky’s Birthday Surprise (opens in new tab)

Teach kids important fire-safety skills. This free app is full of games, activities, and sing-a-longs. Most importantly, it is aligned to Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts and Math.

Written by New York Times bestselling authors, this free eBook is ideal for reinforcing fire-safety messages with students while building critical skills in reading comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, and more. Rescue Dogs, Firefighting Heroes, and Science Facts meets Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science through a combination of nonfiction, fictional stories, scientific diagrams, and poetry.

Download the free ebook.


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