Thinking About Flipping Your Classroom? Check out These Simple Ways To Get Started

Thinking About Flipping Your Classroom? Check out These Simple Ways To Get Started

The Flipped Classroom is a fairly new strategy that flips traditional classroom teaching to offer a more student centered approach. A flipped classroom is a teaching strategy that uses technology to record a teacher's lesson, and have students watch the lecture at home as opposed to the teacher lecturing in class. A benefit to this is students can watch the lectures at their own pace, and as many times as needed. A flipped classroom allows more time for activities during class outside of lecturing, such as collaborating learning projects, and assessments. By completing the "homework" in the classroom this allows for more teacher and student interaction. A flipped classroom is more student-centered, versus a traditional classroom being more teacher-centered.

This video breaks down more benefits, and goes into more details of the difference between a flipped and a traditional classroom.Here are some other reasons why you might want to consider flipping your classroom
Flipped Classrooms allows for a student to never again miss a lesson. Even if they get pulled out for a few minutes, are at home sick, they can still access the lecture information and stay on track.
Flipped Classrooms allow for a teacher to be there, even when they are not. If you know you are going to be out sick, or out of the building for a period of time. You can record your lessons ahead of time, and have them available for your students tot view. Flipped classrooms can cut down the lesson time tremendously. Think about all of the interruption in a classroom setting due to behavior disruptions, announcements, or other things out of our control. With a recorded lesson, students can watch an uninterrupted lesson as many times as they need to. Flipped Classrooms allow you to break down your classroom walls, and expand learning outside of the classroom. Students don't have to stop at just watching your lessons, they can view information from other teachers and experts to gain new perspectives.

Getting started with flipping your classroom is fairly easy. You can probably make a great video with the equipment you already have.
The minimum required equipment:

A recording device (webcam, camera, or screen-casting software)
Access to editing software (iMovie, windows movie maker, or an online tool)
Computer, laptop, or tablet.
An online presence to post videos

Finding the right technology that works at your comfort level is very important to start. As you get better flipping your classroom, you can look for additional technology tools that help supplement your technology skills.

There are a few easy online tools you can use to help you get started flipping your classroom. Even if you aren't quite gung-ho with a complete flip, consider using a modified format of this strategy when you are out sick, or at conferences.

Starting with my absolute favorite tool...

EDpuzzle is an incredible-easy-to-use video platform that helps teachers save time, boost classroom engagement and improve student learning through video lessons. EDpuzzle also collects data as students watch and interact with the video. Best of all, it’s completely free!

You can make any video yours. Take video from Youtube, Khan Academy, Learn Zillion, TeacherTube, etc... and crop the video to use only what you need for your lesson, record your voice on top to explain, add clarifications, or a warm introduction. Add quizzes along the way, to check for student understanding. Track how your students learn, see who didn't watch the video with hassle- free student reports. Allow your students to create their own video lessons, to create a deeper learning experience. Students can view the videos on the website, or the app. You can embed the lesson on your website.

Present.Me- A free online website, Allows you to upload content (PDF, PowerPoint, etc.) to an online platform, and record video of you presenting the information. The viewer sees a split screen, with your presentation on one side, and a video recording on the other side.

Tellagami a mobile app that lets you create and share a quick presentations. Create easy tutorials, or animated anticipatory sets to introduce a unit or lesson animated Gami video. Mash your Gami with iMovie and embed quizzes, and other special features.


A FREE tool with super cool graphics. Create animated presentations and videos as easy as PowerPoint, but way cooler! Use it to teach difficult concepts in a unique and innovative way. Check out some examples below

Videolicious- This FREE tool is very user friendly and great for taking pictures to tell stories. This is available in the APP for version as well as a website.

Check out these great examples

Knovio similiar to Present.Me - Helps you share you your presentations online. You upload your presentation slides, and record a video of yourself navigating through the lecture.

Another tool to consider is screencast-o-matic, or Quicktime Player. These tools allow you to record what's on your computer screen.

Your flipped lessons can be kept from year to year, and easily tweaked to customize your needs. Even if your students don't have access to the internet at home, students can save the videos on a flash drive at school, and the teacher can put the new video on each day. If they don't have a computer, you could allow them spend the first few minutes in class viewing the videos, or allowing time before or after school. Also, looking at grant opportunities to bring technology in your classroom is always a great option.

Flipping your classroom appeals to students in this digital age. Many of our students have more access to technology then ever before. Take this into consideration, a child as young as 5 years old., is currently utilizing the worst piece of technology they will probably see in their lifetime. Our students are growing up in a world where technology is always changing and evolving, with the intent to constantly improve what we already have. Let's embrace it, and use it to engage and teach our students.

Take a look at some flip classroom video examples
Flipped Classrom Math Example (1st Grade)

Making Change Math Lesson (3rd Grade)Jamestown to the Civil War (American History)

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