Class Tech Tips: MONKEYmount for iPad Classrooms

Class Tech Tips: MONKEYmount for iPad Classrooms

Classrooms looking to use their iPad as a document camera will absolutely love MONKEYmount 280 by GORILLAdigital. MONKEYmount turns your iPad (or any tablet) into a document camera that works in both portrait and landscape mode. It lets teachers make a 360° pivot and 360° rotation. The MONKEYmount also has a vertical adjustment arm and can be attached to a mic stand if you’re reading music straight from your iPad.

The MONKEYmount includes a 12” long solid metal arm with grooves in two places that act as rest stops for the tablet and make it easy to rotate around the arm. It’s durable and can be attached to a desk, shelf or cart and comes with a six year warranty. This is a great choice for classrooms who want to combine the features of annotation or screencasting apps with a document camera.

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