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EdPuzzle – Videos With Your Voice and Questions

EdPuzzle – Videos With Your Voice and Questions

Videos are an essential part of our teaching and here is a super cool tool that will help us to make our videos more interactive.

Edpuzzle helps you to do many different things at the same time with your videos. You can find videos from different video sharing websites or upload your own videos, then you can crop them. You can record your voice over a video with your own words and in your own language and share them with your students. Edpuzzle also allows you to record audio comments or conclusion for your videos. Also, you can ask open ended or multiple choice questions or add text comments on the videos. Then you can share your videos or assign your students to watch them.

This tool is great if you are specially doing flipped classroom. Teachers can add open ended questions to explore and answer the questions as a whole class in the classroom. Students can also be asked to make some comments on different videos.

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