Sketchnoting: Combining Typography and Vocabulary Practice

Sketchnoting: Combining Typography and Vocabulary Practice

Next month, at the beginning of the school year in South America, I will be starting a year long blended coaching relationship with the Asocación Escolar Goethe, The German School in Buenos Aires. I will be working with a small cohort of educators to coach them in” learning how to learn”, the “now” literacies, documenting for learning and peer coaching.

[I am extremely excited, since the school is MY high school. I graduated with the Bachillerato en Sciencias y letras (Argentinean High School Diploma) and the German Abitur (German High School Diploma).]

My graduate degree in Education was completed in the US, which is also the educational system that I have worked in and with my entire adult life. In preparation of the work ahead, I am sprucing up my German and Spanish vocabulary in the educational content area around modern literacies and competencies.

I chose to combine my sketchnoting practice of typography with my educational keyword research of German terms.

An observation worth mentioning, especially to World Language teachers and students, is that the time spent in sketching and arranging the words, seemed to better cement the words in my mind and allowed for better recall.

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