Class Tech Tips: ProjectWriter for Collaborative Classroom Assignments

Class Tech Tips: ProjectWriter for Collaborative Classroom Assignments

ProjectWriter is a new web tool that lets teachers design projects step-by-step. Users start off by naming their project and adding assignments for students to complete, such as answering a question by submitting a piece of writing. As soon as they complete the task you can view their work and offer feedback. Students can then review the work of their peers anonymously.

It’s a great tool for conducting group nonfiction writing projects for History/Social Studies, Science, Technical Subjects, or English Language Arts. ProjectWriter gives teachers the opportunity to break down units of study into smaller sections. This lets students demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the key concepts and terms being taught. ProjectWriter also offers built-in vocabulary tools and teacher-created student accounts.

ProjectWriter is free for teachers and easy to use, learn more by visiting their website!

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