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App it Forward

App it Forward

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Thanks to Bob Sprankle for the Catchy Title!

Many of you are winding down for the school year , well in the northern hemisphere anyway.
What is in your future? Where will I spend my time? What will my students be doing during an 8 week break?We live in a tourist community and many high school students work throughout the summer, so I know what some of them will be doing. As for me, I have visions of running a virtual summer apps camp. If I call it camp it may make learning more palatable, maybe I can run it through my classroom Facebook page. Like I said I have lots of ideas and I think if I build it they will come! My goal will be to choose an app that interests me has a purpose and is easy to share. The only requirement to participate will be that all who stop by the Facebook page will need to share an app with purpose. Some categories could be FUN, organization apps , time management apps, photos, research, vocabulary practice and math practice, for SATs for example.

Simple, engaging, purposeful. I'll let u know. Stop by and share ur app and tell how u use it.