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#ThrowbackThursday - 12 Reasons to Ditch the Pen - Why It's No Longer Mightiest Against the Sword

Today's #ThrowbackThursday brings us to a post I wrote about why it's time to ditch the pen and embrace the keyboard. This post came to mind when drafting this week's look at iPads vs Chromebooks vs Surface. In it I made the point that a stylus for the purposes we think of in education (writing in a notebook or math equations) is a thing of the past. On a personal note, with the exception of having to fill out forms because of various outdated practices at places like doctor's offices, I haven't used or carried a pen in several years.

Written: September 3, 2010

Topic: Why it's time to ditch the pen and embrace the keyboard.

Who might be interested: Anyone who is keeping students stuck as prisoners of their teacher's past by using pens instead of keyboards.

Favorite excerpt: Get over it and join the 21st century so you can be relevant to yourself, your colleagues, and most importantly your students.

Reader question: Are you still keeping your student's tethered to the quill? What are your fears in moving forward?


I want to tackle the death of the pen which is quickly being replaced with digital writing tools like laptops, cell phones, iTouches, iPads, Smartpens etc. etc. etc. Just like those who mourn the paper we hear similar rumblings when it comes to the passing of the pen.

But I love the feel of the pen on the page.
Taking notes (an outdated skill) with a pen helps me understand what I’m hearing.
I need an ink pen to be able to capture my thoughts, the keyboard just isn’t the same.

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